What is a product review and what are its benefits?

There is no doubt that when we talk about a product review, we are talking about a double-edged sword. Many online shop managers are often hesitant to allow their users to leave product reviews or not.

The reason is quite simple. They are not sure whether the review they are going to leave will be positive or negative. However, as we will see below, there are many benefits that reviews can bring to the eCommerce world.

What is a customer product review?
In the world of eCommerce, a product review is nothing more than a customer’s opinion of a product. It can be for both physical and digital items.

In addition, these opinions left by customers of an online shop are usually perfectly visible to other users and potential customers. Normally, user reviews refer to the following points:

Quality of the product or service.
Punctuality of delivery.
What are the benefits of having product reviews in your online shop?
We are as clear-cut as that. Your online shop, regardless of the sector in which you operate, should allow each customer to leave a product review once they have completed their purchase.

The reasons for the above statement are many, here are the most important benefits of why we should enable the product review option:

It can encourage other users to buy.
There is no doubt about this. In fact, surely each and every one of you, on more than one occasion, has turned to the reviews and opinions of other users to find out if you should trust a product or service.

Well, if we have a good product, we will have good reviews and therefore we will have a very important ally to help us continue selling.

Product reviews help SEO
Although reviews by themselves do not rank, the truth is that they do have an influence on SEO. The quality of the reviews and the grade with which users rate the products or services can be reflected as part of the meta description.

And we already know that an attractive meta description contributes significantly to increase the CTR and, consequently, the number of sales.

They tell details that you don’t tell
We all know how important content is in an online shop. In most cases, this information is placed on the product page. These cards, in many cases, are not always as complete as we would like.

For this reason, users with their reviews can help us to include more information and even solve other users’ doubts. If, for example, you have not included the return policy of that product, the users of the reviews will surely comment on their experience.

Another example would be the dimensions of an item. If you have forgotten to include the size of the product, users may do so. This applies to many other aspects of the product or service you are marketing.

Show you where your business is failing
Thanks to the implementation of a product review system, we will be able to see user reviews and realise the problems that our online shop or eCommerce has.

If we manage the reviews properly, we will see that we can extract valuable information even from the negative reviews. If many users complain about the same thing, we will quickly realise that we need to improve on that particular point.

The iFeedback review module for your PrestaShop Online Shop
We, as PrestaShop programmers, have worked with different modules that allow users to leave ratings or reviews of products in an online shop. That is why we want to recommend you the one that for us is the best of all, iFeedback.

It is a module created by the company Presteamshop that allows customers of our online shop, write ratings or reviews of the products purchased.

It also has many other interesting features. If you want to know more about this module, we advise you to read the article we wrote about iFeedback.

As a final conclusion, we would like to encourage you to use reviews and let users give their opinion about you. It is true that we risk having some negative opinions, but the benefits of having reviews outweigh the disadvantages.

However, we are convinced that if you offer a quality service, the positive reviews will outweigh the negative ones and will help you to sell more products. At the end of the day, as customers, we give a lot of credibility to other users’ comments.

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Do you allow your customers to write a product review on your online shop? Do you find them beneficial for your business?
At Programador Prestashop we always want to know your opinion, that’s why we would be delighted if you could leave us a comment so we can share it with our community.

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