How to Choose a Gaming Chair?

Where to Start When Choosing a Gaming Chair
Investing in a gaming chair can be complicated if you don’t know anything about it. There are many parameters to consider and some of them are unknown to most people. In this buying guide I will outline the different points and features you need to focus on to know how to choose your gaming chair! But with so many parameters where to start? Well, it’s actually quite simple, you’ll start with your wallet!

Yes, there is no point in making a list of features you want if you can’t afford them! In this guide I will try to indicate the priority features that will be taken into account on all the chairs and then develop the secondary features that will be a bonus!

With a budget like this, you don’t have to be too greedy in terms of features but concentrate on the essentials! Moreover, for tall people or those with an imposing morphology, the choice will be considerably reduced. However, it is possible to find a good value gamer chair for less than 150€! I have written an article on this subject comparing the best gaming chairs under 150€!

This is a standard budget that allows you to get the entry level chairs from the biggest brands on the market. This is the budget I recommend to start with as it will allow you to test a good quality gaming chair for less money and then make a bigger purchase later on! At this price you will find everything you need whatever your morphology. Be careful though, don’t expect to get all the features and design you want in one chair, as we are still talking about entry-level/mid-range products from popular brands. So you will have to make concessions if you decide to buy from the brand.

At this stage you have access to all the chairs on the market! You just need to know what you are buying and whether it is suitable for your purpose! But don’t buy just anything! With such a budget, make a list of what you want from your future chair and compare the offers of the different manufacturers. This guide will help you make this list without forgetting anything 😉

Once you have determined your budget you will have to define your needs and what your future gaming chair should meet. The first thing to do is to be aware that a gamer chair is not adapted to all morphology. Some chairs are more suitable for tall people and others for shorter gamers. Here is a summary of the criteria to take into account for your body type:

With the table above you can have some reference values for the main dimensions of your future chair according to your body type. If you find chairs with values above those recommended for your height and weight, don’t worry! You just need to pay attention to the depth of the seat so that your legs are not “cut off” by a seat that is too long. However, be careful not to choose a chair that is too small, as you risk being uncomfortable, especially with the width of the seat, which may compress your legs if it is not wide enough.

Choosing the type of gaming chair
Whether it’s a racing chair, an original gaming chair or an ergonomic office chair, your gaming chair can take many forms. Each of them will have its own specificities and disadvantages (although some don’t 🙂 ).

It’s up to you to choose, there is no right or wrong choice. You will see by doing your research that it is sometimes difficult to combine all your criteria on the same type of model and that you have to make concessions according to the model you want. In short, it’s a question of style but also of price, because not all models are priced the same and you’d expect to pay more for an ergonomic office chair with expensive materials, for example.

You can already go and compare these different models by simply clicking on the images of the different gaming chairs above.

Invest in a durable gaming chair
If you invest in a gaming chair, it’s certainly not to buy a new one the following year. In any case, when I look for a chair I also look at its durability potential. The first thing I look at is the piston (or actuator). It must be able to support your weight or even a little more (you never know with parties :D). Also if the piston is limited in capacity you will have to be delicate with your chair which can quickly become restrictive.

The other characteristic I look at is the nature of the materials used for the structure of the chair and its support. Prefer a steel structure for more durability and strength. This steel structure will be even more important for the base on which the wheels are located. The skeleton of the chair should also be strong as it holds the foam and gives your chair a firm hold. You will find many entry-level or low-end chairs with structures that are mostly plastic. Some brands use plastic without losing effectiveness but not all do. If you have the choice, go for a steel frame!

Choosing the right cover for your gaming chair
Leatherette is the most common material on the market. It comes in different qualities and with different features. I advise you to pay attention to the quality of this material if you want to buy a leather chair. This cover has several crucial points:

Is it worth it aesthetically? Often the cheap synthetic leathers are a bit shiny giving a cheap image.
Is it coupled with a “cold foam”? As we all know, leather can heat up quickly. Some manufacturers counteract this with the use of cold foam to regulate the temperature of the upholstery in any heat!
The smell of the leather: On cheap leather and imitation leather there is a strong smell of plastic which can last for several weeks.
The fabric is a little less present on gaming chairs and I find this a pity. The fabric has a lot of advantages and should be taken into account when selecting your future gaming chair! It covers the main defects of leather with several interesting characteristics:

A relatively better resistance to wear than leather. It avoids the risk of scratches on the surface and tears are more “recoverable” than on leather.
Fabric is also easier to care for if you get a stain. Some chairs also allow the upholstery to be removed for cleaning, making it more practical.
Unlike leather, fabric breathes naturally and does not heat up.
The smell of the upholstery is less strong than that of imitation leather, even on a low quality fabric.
Choosing a gaming chair also means choosing features
In this second part we will discuss the various points that should be taken into account but which I believe are secondary. Of course these different parts will contribute enormously to your comfort during your gaming sessions but they are for me secondary, the main thing being the seating and the durability of the product. Of course, the different options I will present in this section will increase the price of the chair.

The main features of a gaming chair
The swing of the chair
Almost all gaming chairs have a rocking system that allows the user to lie down completely or partially. This system is more or less developed depending on the brand and the price of the chair. On an entry-level model, you will often find a tilting system that goes up to a maximum of 150° without locking.

For your comfort and if your budget allows it, I advise you to opt for a chair that allows you to lock positions. This allows you to recline your backrest in 4 to 6 different positions depending on the brand. You’re going to tell me that lying down is useless and that locking a low position is not totally useful either. You’d be wrong! After a few months of use it has become a habit to put myself in a reclined position between two gaming sessions to decompress!

Having good armrests can really improve your comfort when gaming and especially if you are playing keyboard/mouse. It’s important to know that armrests can be set to different positions depending on the model. We are talking about 1D, 2D, 3D or 4D armrests (without forgetting the fixed ones). Here is a summary of the different possible configurations.

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