How to achieve real-time visibility in the supply chain industry?

A major challenge for the supply chain industry is the lack of real-time visibility in gathering information in the right format and in the right place. A company’s supply chain operations begin with the smallest and most remote supplier and extend throughout the organisation to the end. Tracking and tracing the path of these movements and products through the network is a test for logistics companies, especially when the company has multiple software packages for each application. Even within the organisation, it can be difficult to reach a supply chain unless an integrated ERP solution such as Logipulse is used by the customer.

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In addition, information needs to be continuously available to be operable, i.e. available in real time. Another factor to consider is that the same information should be available throughout the company, not just to one person, so that the marketing team communicating with the customer can access the same information as sales and other teams.

According to a survey conducted in 2020 during the ongoing pandemic, the crisis shows that 75% of companies reported that their supply chain was disrupted due to lack of updates from relevant third parties or other participants. It is further claimed that more than 40% of them lacked a clear coping strategy. Currently, supply chains have become complicated and extensive due to the diversification of supplier networks, customers around the world, different compliance requirements and logistical resistance. Keeping things running smoothly and avoiding risks is already an arduous task.

Especially in times like these, it is important to understand what is happening in your logistics cycle. Supply chain leadership must be able to assess critical situations of reduced profits and adapt to unexpected changes. This is where Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) plays a crucial role. Possessing a 360-degree view of the entire supply chain network has the highest value. If it is missing, the supply chain becomes chaotic, expensive and unproductive.

1.Why real-time supply chain visibility has become indispensable?

The benefits of real-time visibility are numerous in the logistics industry, which is why it has become indispensable in supply chains. Let’s take a look at why.

Transparency and clarity: To gain visibility into the supply chain, you need to ensure that operations are fully transparent. This is valuable for all stakeholders involved.

Effective process execution: Getting real-time updates on every stage of the supply chain can enable companies to prepare and manage strategies more effectively.

Improved customer service: Real-time supply chain visibility can help logistics companies provide and manage excellent customer service levels.

Reduced disorganisation: Disorder can lead to disorder. Real-time classification and resolution of issues is necessary to overcome inefficiencies and potential obstacles in shipping and freight movements.

Analytics-based decisions: Supply chain visibility can help business owners be proactive in the marketplace and make decisions that are strengthened by data and insights, ensuring smart planning, agile processes and future-proof approaches.

Improved profits: The availability of real-time data and insights into various workflows can help save costs and improve ROI or profits.

Best practices to improve real-time visibility in your logistics business Improved visibility consists of learning all data, processing it immediately and distributing relevant information to the necessary people in real time. This type of habit achieved by an organisation enables stakeholders to make smarter decisions and exercise more authority over their supply chain processes.

Create a consolidated data model:

The basic element in developing real-time visibility is a robust, unified data model to obtain, recover and load both internal and external data from across the supply chain. The data model facilitates automation, predictive analytics and new business models, and is the foundation for building the power tower over your supply network.

Install a single AI-enabled supply chain control platform:

If it’s challenging to get an end-to-end view of your supply chain, simply consider comprehensive supply chain management software like Logipulse. Complex pickup-to-delivery networks and active market dynamics are pushing for real-time visibility and unification.

Logipulse is a single platform that consolidates data and transforms it into actionable insights. Using AI-powered technology can help predict future outcomes and recommend appropriate action plans, enhancing the planning, collaboration and performance aspects of your supply chain.

Sharpen your customer experience: Customers today demand more from businesses on all fronts. Features such as tracking, delivery, payment and fast reach processes can help you deliver an exceptional customer experience, thus driving customer loyalty and gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. This is only possible if you have a high level of supply chain visibility with state-of-the-art technology applications. Logipulse offers a one-stop platform.

Encourage your operators to get used to new practices.

Better said than done, true. But not anymore when simple user-friendly applications like Logipulse exist. Logipulse requires no prior training. It’s a simple application to perform all your logistics operations with a single unified app. The wrench to real-time visibility can be Logipulse. Typically, it also requires you to train business partners and staff to adopt new SCV technologies, data visualisation tools and analytical dashboards, and to keep up to date with the most advanced trends in the field.

Organisations that are willing to adopt innovative solutions, use cloud-based systems and develop robust workflow methodologies are more likely to stay ahead in the competition for supply chain visibility.

Invest in automation, predictive analytics and other advanced technologies While reconfiguring your current supply chain may seem nearly impossible, you can strategically reinvigorate the system. Digital technologies such as data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms have created new possibilities for what can be done with data.

Outstanding real-time visibility features from Logipulse.

Some important visibility features among the many commonly used are:

Warehouse 2D view

The Logipulse Warehousing module gives you a clearer view of your warehouses through its 2D view function. This allows you to define the bins and racks according to your requirements. Each type of rack can be configured in the app. The 2D view shows you the total space, the occupied space, the free space and much more. Items are automatically assigned to free space by the system. Items, stocks or containers placed in the warehouse can be viewed two-dimensionally. Free spaces, number of shelves, etc. can also be conveniently taken from the 2D view.

Shipment tracking

Track and trace everything in your logistics processes via Logipulse. Shipments, transport status, inventory, receipts and accounting information are automatically uploaded to the system and tracked without manual intervention. Improve visibility and ensure that all interested parties have access to important compliance information. Business partners can view their full financial data and generate their own reports. Customers using your warehouse services can manage their stock, remind you when goods arrive and manage the ordering process to move stock out.

Item-level tracking through barcodes to transport tracking. Throughout this process, track every task assigned to the employee and their work status. Know every event and update your logistics business through the device you carry with you.

Customer portal and user portal

The entire logistics task is simplified when customers have access to the status of their services. In addition, enquiries made through this medium can be converted into quotations and managed later. Customers/suppliers can also track their shipments and other details by using the codes available through the user portal.

All in all, real-time supply chain visibility is invaluable as it encourages you to not only lead in today’s business world, but also adapt to the future by predicting prospects. Trends such as automation, data-driven planning and forecasting, and real-time crisis management will prove to be key elements for a successful business in the supply chain sector. Put all these elements on one platform for companies to specify globally and Logipulse is the solution.

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