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email marketing

The Ultimate CTA Collection

Here's a tried-and-tested collection of high-converting calls to action (CTAs) that will transform the way you create your emails and landing pages.
Best CTA to promote a webinar:

Request Now

Submit Form

Watch On-Demand

Stream On-Demand

View Webinar

Watch It Now

Start Watching

Stream Now

Stream Webinar

Start Viewing

Play the Webinar

Best CTA to promote an event

Register Now

Don't Miss Out

Join Now


Save Your Seat

Claim a Seat

Register Today

Join the Webinar

Join the Discussion

Curious? Sign Up Here

Save Your Spot

Claim Your Spot

Reserve My Seat

Mark the Date

Mark Your Calendar

Attend the Webinar

Be Present

Start Watching

Best CTA to promote a white paper or eBook

Download Now

Watch Now

View It Today

General CTAs that work for any email campaign

Learn More

Know More

Discover More

Start Now

Start Here

Gain More Insight

I'm Interested

Find Out More

Find Out Today

Find Out How

Get Access

Get the Solution

Dive In

Show Me More

Show Me How

Take Action

Get Started

Take a Look

Get More Information

Want to Learn More?

Ready for More?

Curious for More?

Check It Out

Click Here for More

Take Me There

Tell Me More


Discover Now

Don't Miss Out

Offering access to video or a webcast? These CTAs will help

Watch the Video

Stream the Video

Start Watching

Watch Now

Play the Video

Stream Now

Listen To The Webcast

Listen Now

Tune In

Marketing a guide or another educational resource? Try these CTA

Read the Guide

Request the Guide

Get the Guide

Get Your Guide Now

Get Your Guide Today

Download This Guide

Access This Guide

Start the Download

View Guide

Access Guide Now

Read the Report Today

Request the Report Right Away

Claim Your Report

Get the Report

View Report Now

Get the e-book

Access the E-book

Claim Your eBook

Keep Reading

Yes, I Want the eBook!

Proceed to the eBook

Take Me to the eBook

Read Now

Start Reading

Read On

Get to Reading

Grab Your Copy

Grab a Copy

Claim Your Copy

Discover the Workbook

Access the White Paper

Start the Download

Get the White Paper

Read the White Paper

These are specific CTAs that work for niche marketing emails

Make the Transformation

Are You Ready?

Engage Your Customers

Get the Solution

Comply with the <Abbreviation>

Explore the Advantages

Improve Your Forecasting

Improve Your Learning

Hook Your Clients

Enrich Your Relationships

Seize New Opportunities

Know More About <...> Systems

Let's Go Hunting

Don't Miss Out

Choose Your Platform

Analyze HR Software

Find Your <...> Software

Get The Best <...> Software

Explore <...> Software

Optimize Your Omnichannel

Take the Best Approach

Win Your Customer

Choose To Win

Discover the Strategies

Automate Your Workflows

Get Insights From The Expert

Make Your Choice

Take the First Step

Spice Up Your Strategy

Upgrade Your Strategy

Count Me In!

Watch It in Action

Understand Your Options

Explore Your Options

Go Forth and Feast

Solve Your <...> Issues

Reveal More Insights

Let's Get Started

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