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About me
My name is Julie Gabriel and I am a Canadian book author and copywriting veteran. Since 2002, I've been helping brands and businesses big and small with copywriting and content marketing. A journalist and a book author, I also excel at tech and marketing copywriting, supporting the content needs of global SaaS IT companies and digital agencies. To expand my content marketing offering, I added social media and SEO to my writing stack. It was just about time to take the next big step, and Copywriter.World was born in 2019.

To deliver additional services such as SEO, graphic design, and marketing campaigns, I also draw on the expertise of my associates. This network allows me to be more agile and deliver more services while successfully meeting even the tightest of deadlines.
My team of helpers
Meet some of the people who work hard every day to produce great technical and marketing content.
Maxine Pinsky
Ben Ashiatou
SEO expert
Kate Henderson
Content writer
Svetlana Kozoliy
Graphic designer
What to include in your brief

You can help your copywriter provide the best results by giving them a good brief. This means being super clear about exactly what you want them to deliver, how soon you need it, examples of what you want, and how you want to work together.

Don't worry if you've never done it before – we help you submit a brief!

Here are some details you might include in your brief:

  • Your details – how to contact you (phone, email, website)
  • Goals – what you want to achieve
  • Audience – who is the project targeting?
  • Company – background info on your business, what you do, and what makes you different
  • Competitors – who are your top competitors?
  • Project type – type of copywriting or content project (e.g. blog, email series, website copy, ad, etc.)
  • Industry/topic – what do you want it to be about?
  • Length – if you don't know, it's okay to say so
  • CTAs – what calls to action or what actions do you want your reader to take?
  • Examples – links to similar content you like
  • Style – what tone of voice do you want your content or copy written in?
  • SEO – keywords you'd like to target with the content (if relevant)
  • Deadline/urgency – if you don't have a set deadline, pick a realistic date in the future (say, 6-8 weeks ahead for a biggish project, or 1.5-2 weeks for a small one) and say you're flexible
  • Resources – data, contacts, links, images, and any documents that will help your copywriter write quality content

I usually request an initial brief with just enough information for me to understand the scope of the project and give an accurate quote with all the right inclusions. Depending on the project, I might get this from an initial enquiry email, a phone conversation, or an online form.

After my client accepts the quote, I may send through a second, more detailed brief to help me fill in any details and start writing the copy. But this will depend on the project and client. For smaller projects, I might only do a short, initial brief. And if they're a regular client and I'm pretty confident that I understand their needs, I might skip a proper brief altogether.

Sometimes while I'm writing something, I'll come back with a few more questions to fill in the gaps. While I have my standard briefing processes, it's important to remember that every client and project is different, so I adapt my processes to suit.

One of my goals as a copywriter and content writer is to save my clients time. A brief should support this goal by being comprehensive enough to help me get the project mostly right in the first draft, without taking hours and hours to fill out.
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