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Learn Copywriting Online
Become a copywriter online for free and learn copywriting skills at your free time.
Learning copywriting can be tricky, considering the number of copywriting courses online. But there are not many courses that are done by real-life, working, and busy copywriters. We bring you our collective knowledge of 50+years of copywriting among our team. Our free copywriting course will take away the stress of learning copywriting - and it comes with a free price tag!

Our promise:
✅ Secrets of top-earning freelance copywriters
✅ Quick results you can use straight away 🚀
✅ Start a path to earning $50+ per hour
✅Tons of practical examples and practice sheets


How it works

Sign up for the course
Enter your email to join the course at any time. You will receive copywriting course lessons for free. Feel free to save them and learn at your convenience.
Learn and ask questions
You will receive practice checklists and assignments that you can complete in your own pace. Send us your questions and get answers in 24 hours or less.
Try paid assignments
Once you have completed all the copywriting course lessons, you will be ready to complete a paid task. This is your chance to get enrolled into actual paid work!

Learn from Experienced Copywriters
Our article writing team consists only of professional copywriters who are native English speakers from Canada or the United Kingdom.
James Hunt
Senior copywriter & editor
Emma Venmans
Professional writer since 2008
Michael Dowry
Experienced SEO writer
Nicole Stephenson
Senior copywriter

Frequently asked questions

How do I start learning copywriting?
To learn copywriting, you first need to learn the basics of persuasive writing. During the course, we explain 6 core copywriting skills. You will also learn how to land your first few clients. With time, you will develop and refine your freelancing process and build a stream of recurring leads.
    How much does it cost?
    The course is absolutely free. We will offer a Pro version in the future which will include personal consultations, copy evaluation, and work placement.
    What happens after I have entered my details?
    After you confirm your desire to start the online copywriting course, you will receive a message from hello@copywriting.world on the next start date.
      Is copywriting hard to learn?
      Teaching yourself copywriting can feel like a difficult task. But it doesn't need to be so troublesome if you follow a solid system. A good copywriting learning course goes far beyond writing techniques and into financials and client management.
      What if I'm not happy with the course?
      You can opt to stop receiving emails with new lessons at any time.
      What is the copywriter salary?
      The median annual full-time copywriter salary is $46,538, with 80% of freelance copywriters earning between $20K and $35K per year, according to data aggregated from Payscale in 2021.
      Contact us
      Feel free to email us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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