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Need eCommerce Texts? Here's How to Find a Great Product Copywriter

Do you need to have product texts written? Then you've probably already noticed that there are tons of copywriters out there. Choosing the right one for your project can turn out to be a time-consuming task.
We will help you with your selection and give you tips on how to recognize a good product writer who best suits you and your project. Here are the top traits of the best eCommerce copywriter.

A copywriter who is suitable for your product descriptions impresses with linguistic skills. This not only includes a good knowledge of grammar and faultless spelling. A good text reads fluently and is round in itself.

Every copywriter writes differently and has his own personal style. As a client, you need a copywriter whose style suits you, your company, and your products.

Through a briefing, your copywriter should know which direction his texts should go in and misunderstandings are avoided. A briefing informs your copywriter clearly and precisely about your specifications and ideas. Do you expect short, crisp sentences? And a humorous throw-in every now and then? Can the texts be easy and casual, or do you prefer seriousness? All of this can be clarified with your copywriter before writing.

Whether it is about advertising letters, website texts, product descriptions, or press releases, copywriters work in a wide variety of areas. But each text category requires a different approach. Press releases are characterized by their neutral style, while advertising letters, on the other hand, address customers emotionally and can be linguistically innovative.

If your copywriter has experience in similar projects, his product texts come across more naturally, he knows the tonality and knows which style works well to appeal to your customers in the best possible way.

It goes without saying that a good copywriter creates unique content that is only to you and not on every other website. Rehashed, poorly rewritten content will not do your product justice.

As always with writing, there is no single formula, but an infinite number of ways to express the same thing. A good copywriter does not rewrite content - not even sentences or parts of sentences - but always comes up with something new.

Copied texts damage not just your reputation and sales, but your search engine rankings, too, because search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing want to provide their users with as much unique content as possible. If you use texts for your website that already appear in a similar way on other websites, this will have a negative effect on your ranking in the search results.

Unique web content is essential - and a good copywriter knows that.

The copy should not lose sight of your target groups. As everywhere in marketing, the following applies: Your product writer can only optimally address readers if you have a clearly defined target audience. A target group analysis helps to find the right customers for your products. Once the target group has been determined, a good copywriter puts himself in the position of the respective groups of people and creates appealing content.

Optimal product texts offer your website visitors added value. A good copywriter should not just list the facts, but also highlight the advantages of product characteristics for the reader. This is especially important for customers who are not very familiar with the relevant area.

If you work in the pet nutrition industry, you know that biotin in dog food contributes to the health of your four-legged friend's skin and coat. But does your customer know that? Or if you work in the fashion industry, as an expert, you know which cuts and colors discreetly hide unwanted bumps and emphasize beautiful shapes. Such information in the product text is often helpful for your customers who are not that well versed in your field. Overall, it will have a positive influence on the purchase decision.

Good texts are not only there to fill your website visually, but also serve a specific purpose: They increase your sales. On the one hand, more visitors come to your online store, as customers can find your products more easily thanks to search engine optimized (SEO) texts. On the other hand, eCommerce texts help convince customers who are already in your online store to buy.

Ideal product descriptions address the readers emotionally and inform them at the same time about all-important product features. In contrast to offline shopping, where your customers can see the products themselves, touch them and, depending on the product, also test or try them on, this is not possible online. That's why your product texts have to replace the sensory perceptions of your customers.

However, this does not have to be a disadvantage: With eCommerce texts, you can skillfully guide customers and draw their attention to special details that set your goods apart from the competition.

Last but not least, a good product copywriter convinces with interpersonal qualities. He reacts promptly to your inquiries and orders and delivers the finished texts as agreed: on the right date and in the agreed format.

Good communication is essential for a smooth project flow and optimal collaboration. A good copywriter is not afraid to ask questions, even if things are unclear.

If you want to have excellent eCommerce product texts for your online store, use the criteria mentioned as a guide. At Copywriter.world, you will find a product writer who will convince you and your customers.

One more tip at the end: Have you already found a suitable eCommerce writer and benefit from the advantages of appealing product descriptions? Then think about a translation too. Because the translation of product texts has further advantages for you.
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